Creative Indoor Advertising reaches a target market with high disposable income and a socially active lifestyle.

In era of smartphones, unlimited social media platforms & streaming services, your target audience is becoming more difficult to reach everyday.  So where do you spend your ad dollars?  Advertise with us, and your ad will be uncluttered and focussed, your message read and retained.  Our audience is social, active, and influential in their peer group – just the audience you want!

  • Research shows this target market goes out over 12 times per month.
  • Viewers will spend average of 90 seconds reading indoor advertising.
  • Our readers have disposable income… to spend on YOUR products!

The Facts on Indoor Advertising:

  • 84% Recalled seeing specific advertisements in restrooms.
  • 92% Were able to name specific advertisers without prompting.
  • 88% Remembered at least four selling points in ads.
  • 98% Reacted positively or neutrally to seeing ads in restrooms.
  • Consumers will spend average of 90 seconds reading your ad.